Medical Laboratory Sciences Students complete Summer Elective training

II-year BSc MLS students of CoHS have completed their elective training in Thumbay Labs at Thumbay Hospital, Ajman.

Students are encouraged to undertake elective training to provide additional experience, gain confidence and additional training experience adding on to the regular curriculum.

Ms. Hahnna Angela MonterolaInchoco (2020ML02) commented “Summer training GMC Laboratory introduced me to various laboratory practices from the accessioning area to the Core Lab department, which was supervised by welcoming and passionate staff that were eager to share their experience and knowledge alongside their busy work environment. The experience helped me in envisioning and providing insight on my future career and educational prospects regarding laboratory practices. In conclusion, the experience has been highly educational, and I am grateful to have been extended this opportunity”.


Waleed Ali Yusuf(2020ML32) commented “My Experience in the Thumbay lab was illuminating and fruitful. The lab staff were highly competent and cooperative despite them being busy. As a second-year student, there were many significant aspects of the training that were beneficial and will greatly impact my educational journey, laboratory experience and career.  Overall, I would like to extend my gratitude not only towards Thumbay Lab staff but also to our lovely GMU faculty for organizing the summer training”.


Dr. Amany the head of the Laboratory department at Thumbay hospital commended on the commitment and interest of the student during the training.

Praveen Kumar, Dean, CoHS congratulated the students on successful completion of the elective training and commented “Electivetraining provides avenues to students to gain additional experience to students of GMU. This training is embedded in all programs and students are encouraged to undergo ti gain and enrich their clinical experience”.