Care Provider Initiatives By PharmD Students During World Health Day- 2019

On the eve of World Health Day- 2019, Final year PharmD students organized a community engagement activity, focusing on health promotion, health screening, and health education activities, at Kenz Hypermarket, Al Hamidiya, Ajman on 6th April 2019. These services were availed by over 140 participants from the public.

During the event PharmD, students performed BMI measurement, BP measurement, Blood glucose measurement (with the help of registered Nurse from Thumbay Hospital, Ajman), and provided counseling based on the findings of these assessments. The counseling was focused mainly on prevention and early identification of chronic diseases and appropriate use of their prescribed medications, as per the standard recommendations. The newly identified cases with abnormal values were referred to Physician for further evaluation and treatment. In addition, the general public was also provided education on safe and effective use of pain killers in terms of gastrointestinal and kidney toxicities, and students further emphasized that indiscriminate use of pain killers can be dangerous. Further, the students told the general public that over-the-counter pain killers should not be taken on an empty stomach and should always be accompanied with more water intake.