College of Pharmacy Students Launch Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

As part of the College of Pharmacy community engagement and outreach activities, the PharmD students held a “Pink Ribbon” event to spread awareness about breast cancer among all Gulf Medical University employees.

Pharmacy students personally invited faculty members, other students and staff members from all around the university campus by giving out pink ribbons with a message of a healthy lifestyle to all.

Each PharmD class participated in the event with a specific theme: ‘myths & facts’, ‘causes’, ‘signs & symptoms’ and ‘prevention’ of breast cancer. Students exhibited posters, brochures and other audiovisual aids, each of them focusing on one specific aspect of the theme.

Ms. Nourhan Hassan (third year PharmD) presented on the history of breast cancer, first recorded case, first successful surgery, and outcomes of chemotherapy and radiation. This was followed by a presentation by fifth-year PharmD student Ms. Mahya Masood on prevalence, incidence, dietary influence and treatment options for breast cancer.

Following the presentations, fifth-year PharmD students performed a play about a happy young girl who was diagnosed with breast cancer. The story emphasized on a caregiver becoming a care receiver. This was followed by a video on breast self-examination.

Students dressed in pink and distributed donuts, chocolates and cakes, all made in pink color. There was also a column where one could write in their mother tongue a message on breast cancer, which received overwhelming responses from the participants.

It was also wonderful to see many members of the university wearing pink ribbons throughout the day and partnering with the pharmacy students in the awareness campaign.

The event attracted overwhelming participation from all over the university and marked the beginning of the College of Pharmacy community engagement and outreach activities of the academic year.

College of Pharmacy faculty members was proud of their students as they showed professionalism and advocacy for their profession and their patients.