Supporting Evidence-Based Prescribing Decisions

On May 09, 2018, Dr. Kishore Gnana Sam, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Associate Dean of the College of Pharmacy presented a seminar on “Supporting evidence-based prescribing decisions” as a part of the College’s seminar series. During his presentation, he indicated that medicines should be provided to patients by making the best use of professional expertise and scarce health resources. As described by the World Health Organization (WHO), pharmacist role is transformed from dispenser to influencer and decision- maker. The expanded roles include opinion giving and consultations.

He further added “Prescribing is a very complex process that requires an informed decision about the treatment of choice for a particular patient”. He introduced the PICO model as a format/framework to help define and formulate a clinical question before finding clinically relevant evidence in the literature. He also explained the STEPS criteria (Safety, Tolerability, Effectiveness, Price, and Simplicity) used during prescription decision of new drugs.

He stressed upon producing pharmacists with in-depth training in pharmacology, clinical therapeutics and patient care enabling them to participate in supporting prescription decisions.