College of Pharmacy Launches Faculty Research/Development Seminar Series

The College of Pharmacy at GMU started its weekly Faculty Research/Development Seminar series. This is a forum for faculty to exchange research ideas and initiate research collaborations among the college, with other colleges in GMU, UAE and around the world. Professional development seminars are planned to enhance the abilities of the faculty members and share their knowledge and experience with others. Moreover, external experts from UAE and abroad will be invited to contribute to the professional development of our faculty.

Today’s faculty development seminar was presented by Dr. Ibrahim ElSayed, Associate professor, College of Pharmacy. The seminar focused on using technology in teaching and learning and was titled ‘Socrative platform to create interactive online quizzes’. Participants from all Colleges in GMU were present and found the tool easy to us. The benefits of the platform and its limitations were discussed [Link]

The Dean College of Pharmacy, Dr. Sherief Khalifa indicated that in addition to helping the class instructor identify areas where students need to improve, this tool will enhance in-class interaction and will make the learning sessions more fun and exciting for students.