College of Pharmacy Hosts a Seminar on “Augmented Reality Technology in Healthcare & Surgical Training”

On 16 September 2018, Mr. Tariq El-Titi, Managing Director of Janus Ventures FZ-LLC, UAE delivered a presentation on “Proximie – An Introduction to Augmented Reality in Healthcare & Surgical Training”.

During the presentation session, Mr. Tariq explained how using innovative technology, the ‘remote’ surgeons can guide a case with commentary and screen markings, which the ‘local’ surgeons (performing the procedure) can see in real time on own screen. Surgeons and students can communicate through audio, screen annotations and direct messaging via Proximie. Proximie can take a live video feed from both a surgical scope and any device with a video output.

He also indicated that this technology enables one surgeon to deliver interactive real-time training to an unlimited number of students, anywhere in the world. It also provides enhanced experiential learning through access to specialist surgical cases from global centres of excellence. Thus, one can integrate additional clinical content to enrich the educational experience, and it helps the students in creating personal video portfolio of cases for training and assessment.