Dr. Ghada Elsayed Mostafa Elgarawany

Assistant Professor of Physiology

PhD Medical Physiology

Dr. Ghada works as an assistant professor of Medical Physiology, Biomedical science department, College of medicine, GMU, UAE. She teaches Physiology Curriculum to the students of Physiotherapy. She also works as Problem based learning facilitator and a clinical tutor that helps in teaching clinical and communication skills to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd  MBBS students.

Dr. Ghada completed her Ph.D. in Medical Physiology from the Faculty of Medicine, Menoufia University, Egypt in 2014 and works as an assistant professor of Clinical Physiology. She has contributed to academic and research in the field of Medical Physiology over 16 years. She Has published research articles in reputed national and international Scopus indexed journals. In her researches, she studied the effect of herbal medicine in the treatment of diseases in experimental animals.  She has also guided undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of Medical Physiology. She taught the Physiology curriculum in the integrated medical course, Nursing, and applied medical science students in the Faculty of Medicine, Menoufia University, Egypt.

She has received several training courses in the Medical field such as Instructional Methods in Health Professions Education, Assessment Development, and Essential teaching skills in medical education.