PharmD student critically evaluates the pharmacotherapy of “Cardiac arrest” during inter-professional case discussion

On October 30, 2018, the Final year PharmD student Latifat O. Aregbesola participated in an professional Educational (IPE) case discussion along with Medical, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Medical Laboratory Sciences students, held at Thumbay Hospital, Ajman. The audience was health professionals and health science students across various disciplines. The case selected for the IPE session was a successfully treated patient of ‘Cardiac arrest’.

Ms. Latifat began her discussion highlighting the goals of pharmacotherapy and drug-related needs for the patient. She then discussed on various factors affecting the choice of medications and mentioned the rationale behind the prescribed medications and then critically appraised the latest evidence suggesting the use of these medications. She also elaborated on the use of dobutamine and dopamine in maintaining the blood pressure and listed various laboratory monitoring parameters for the patient.

Other participating students from Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Medical Lab Sciences analyzed the case from their professional expertise. As in any GMU IPE sessions, the students under the guidance of Faculty mentors and preceptors, worked together during all stages of the case identification, case preparation and case discussion, and ‘learned with, learned from and learned about’ each other.

Dean Sherief Khalifa commented: We are grateful to the Academic Health System that has brought together Gulf Medical University and its affiliated hospitals under one system. This has been instrumental in the success of the implementation of Inter-Professional Education in the College of Pharmacy and other colleges in GMU.