Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Strategic Goal 1: Enhance the quality of education of Bachelor of Nursing program

Strategic Objectives

  • Pursue full accreditation by Ministry of Education, UAE and undergo International approval process by 2021
  • Perform ongoing program evaluation strategies, analyze results, recommend improvement action, implement these actions and monitor impact of improvement actions on student learning and program quality.
  • Initiate partnerships and collaborations with national and international institutions and organizations for benchmarking, exchange of ideas and overall program enhancement.
  • Utilize the maximum of the wide variety of resources available in the University & the country to enhance the quality of Nursing education.
  • Increase number of faculty members in various Nursing specialty
  • Develop Nursing skill laboratory by 2019 so that students can practice the nursing skills

Strategic Goal 2: Promote Research activities among Faculty & build up a research culture in faculty and students

Strategic Objectives

  • Motivate Faculty to increase the participation & focus more to Research track
  • Increase the number of yearly peer reviewed publications
  • Collaborate with other Colleges & professionals to do interdisciplinary research

Strategic Goal 3: Develop advanced and innovate programs in Nursing

Strategic Objectives

  • Initiate bridging program in nursing for diploma nurses from 2018
  • Start developing curriculum for Post graduate diploma in Midwifery so that it can be started by 2020
  • Plan for Master’s program in Nursing in different clinical specialties