Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Strategic Goal 1: Improving educational quality & growing portfolio of programs

Objective 1: Pursue full accreditation by CAA, Ministry of Education, UAE and undergo ACPE certification process in the January 2018 cycle. 

Examples of projects 

  • PharmD CAA accreditation
  • Master in Clinical Pharmacy CAA accreditation
  • PharmD ACPE certification 

Objective 2: Perform ongoing program evaluation strategies, analyze results, recommend improvement action, implement these actions and monitor impact of improvement actions on student learning and program quality. 

Examples of projects 

  • Course/Rotation evaluation by students
  • Pharmacy curriculum outcomes assessment
  • Student e-portfolio
  • Exit survey
  • Alumni survey
  • Employer survey 

Objective 3: Initiate partnerships and collaborations with international universities for benchmarking, exchange of ideas and overall program enhancement. 

Examples of projects 

  • Partner with national institutions
  • Partner with international institutions 

Objective 4: Build skills lab, incorporate educational technologies and skill building educational pedagogies, like team-based learning and OSCEs to enhance teaching, learning and assessment. 

Examples of projects 

  • Sterile Compounding Laboratory
  • Pharmacy Practice Laboratory
  • Educational technologies
  • Team-Based Learning
  • OSCE
  • Interprofessional Education (IPE) 

Objective 5: Offer master programs in clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. 

Examples of projects 

  • Master program in clinical pharmacy
  • Master program in pharmaceutical sciences 

Strategic Goal 2: Developing solution-focused research for public impact

Objective 6: Increase number of faculty members with high quality and quantity research output. 

Example of project 

  • Recruitment of research active faculty members.

Objective 7: Increase the number of yearly peer-reviewed publications for the College of Pharmacy.          

Examples of projects

  • Establish a drug discovery and development lab
  • Upgrading of available online resources
  • Research rewards for publishing in high impact Scopus indexed journals.

Objective 8: Partner with other academic, health and industrial institutions to produce research that is responsive to societal needs.    

Examples of projects

  • Partnerships with national institutions
  • Partnerships with international institutions

Objective 9: Communicate research news of the College through the website and other media to communicate with the public on the social impact of our research. 

Examples of projects     

  • Peer-reviewed publications on the college website.
  • National and international conference participation.
  • College annual conferences to be more international. 

Strategic Goal 3: Building GMU-AHS brand through engagement

Objective 10: Partner with internal and external stakeholders.     

Examples of projects

  • Utilizing all Thumbay group healthcare facilities.
  • Partnering with Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Ajman and others.
  • Enriching College advisory board.

Objective 11: Participate in professional activities nationally and internationally to represent the College and its contributions to science and to the pharmacy profession. 

Examples of projects

  • CME program for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.
  • Community engagement program.
  • Working with Emirati Pharmaceutical Society, FIP, ISPOR, ACPE, AACP, and others 

Strategic Goal 4: Structural alignment for efficient and effective GMU operations

Objective 12: Create an organizational structure and job responsibilities within the College that is in alignment with GMU and monitor effectiveness in operations.      

Examples of projects

  • Revising organizational structure
  • Utilizing GMU Academic Health System
  • Updating Job Descriptions

Objective 13: Improve communication between faculty, preceptors, and students.        

 Examples of projects 

  • Full utilization of Learning Management System
  • Exclusive use of GMU email for Faculty & Students