The different types of simulators available at GMU Center for Advanced  Simulation in Healthcare (C.A.S.H) are:

Low Fidelity Simulators : Part Task Trainers
Injection and Infusion Trainers (Adult and Infant), venepads, basic surgical skill kits: suturing trainers, knotting trainers, hemostasis and anastomosis trainers, Pelvic exam simulators, Obstetric phantom with doll.

Mid Fidelity Simulators
Full Body Patient Care Simulator, Resusci Adult, Resusci Baby, Airway Management Trainer, Auscultation trainer, BP simulators, Ear and Eye Diagnostic Trainer, Advanced OBG Simulator,Bleeding Leg, Knee and Elbow for Joint Aspiration.

High Fidelity Simulators
Sim Man, Neolle: Birthing Simulator, Schallware Ultrasound Simulator.

Virtual Simulators
Victor ICU, Victor IV, Victor LP.

Simulated and Standardized Patients
These are individuals carefully trained to act as real patients in order to simulate or mimic a set of symptoms or problems.

  • The SimMan – life sized patient simulator with realistic features like heart, lung and bowel sounds, normal human weight distribution and joint articulations and radial, carotid, brachial and femoral pulses.
  • Victor ICU – Complete Simulated Intensive care unit with preprogrammed scenarios for ACLS.
  • The Birthing Simulator – Life size patient simulator and realistic fetus with adjustable heartsounds.It is used for teaching all Gynae and OBG related skills like antenatal exam, management of normal and abnormal labor and delivery, post partum evaluation and care, fetal resuscitation others.
  • Resusci Adult – Life support and resuscitation simulator-adult.
  • Resusci Baby – Life support and resuscitation simulator- infant.
  • Lumbar Puncture Simulator